What is eVenta?

Automate your Wedding and Event Proposal Process with eVenta


Until now, managing event proposals has been a tedious, painful chore but eVenta changes all that. We’re revolutionizing the entire process for flower shops and event companies, from proposal creation to close, and everything between. eVenta is a new online event proposal system used by some of the largest flower shops in the country that gives your salespeople a competitive edge.

  • 100% FREE basic version.
  • Easy to Use.
  • Saves you time and money managing each event.


Get proposals out faster

Once you have your own custom template configured in eVenta, it takes less than 3 minutes to send a new proposal via email. Your customer receives a professional looking PDF that they can sign and approve electronically. Our easy-to-use online editor and reusable content library puts winning proposals into the hands of your customers hands faster.

Close more proposals

See all your proposals in one place and which were approved. Follow up on the ones that were not closed to make sure that your event sales leads never go cold.

Look Professional

Do your existing proposals look like a bad excel worksheet? No doubt this affects your proposal close rate in a major way. People are very visual and have more confidence when they get a professional proposal from your company.  If they can’t open it on their smartphone that is a BIG problem for consumers these days.

Organize your Team

Go from chaos to collaboration. Team members can quickly access event proposals and the content library from anywhere while you manage individual activity with roles and permissions, comments, and keep track of it all with version change history.

Multi Location Capability

eVenta was specially designed to handle multiple locations (and brands) and consolidate all proposal recipe lists and requisitions into one place for corporate buyers to easily issue purchase orders. Works seamlessly with our FLORICA purchase order management system with all vendors and farms.

Close Them Faster

Brides and event clients can view your proposal anytime,anywhere. Pllus our optional online electronic signature feature delivers 60% faster sign-off.

A Partial List of Features

  • Quick Proposal Option for all types of events.
  • Fully integrated with optional QuickFlora Buy Program, PO and Inventory Module.
  • Online Appointment Form (Wordpress Compatible).
  • Proposal pipeline dashboard for management and sales staff.
  • Budget Worksheets for each event.
  • Recipe list breakdown and consolidated reports for buyers.
  • Multi Venue Delivery Options (with full delivery manager integration) .
  • Electronic Signature Contract Capability option.
  • 100% web-based, no software to buy.

eVenta for Enterprise Shops, Franchises and Multi Location Shops

If you do over $500,000 a year in floral events, then most of the “basic” proposal software on the market won’t work for you long term. While many offer a quick and easy way to fire off a proposal, they have no production, delivery, purchasing and accounting integration on the back end; key parts that are critical to any large scale operation with multiple employees.

If you have used an enterprise level  point of sale system for retail deliveries, then you know how critical it is to manage your daily workflow. You can’t do that solely with most proposal applications on the market. The eVenta system not only handles the proposal aspect, but also fully integrates your event work into the entire company production and delivery system. There is no reason for events to be disconnected from retail deliveries each day.

Need Custom Training and Set Up?

Our event management and software expert has over 20 years experience developing both with event planning software and in a large event planning flower company. He can help you configure and set up your proposal software for maximum ROI.  Available onsite and offsite as needed for an additional fee to help you get the most out of your event system.