How to enter an order in POS

How To Enter An Order In QuickFlora POS



The QuickFlora POS Module is designed for the rapid entry of  walk-in sales transactions. Unlike the Order Entry (Phone Order) form, the POS order form defaults to the ‘Cash’ payment method and ‘Taken’ delivery method. It also does not require any ‘Bill To’or “Ship to” information to process a transaction.

The only information you need to provide is what is being purchased and how much, then the payment method. This allows you to check out customers in under 15 seconds and start printing a receipt.

Entering an order in the Phone Order form is the same (apart from the above POS defaults).

Entering Orders

From your POS Dashboard, go to your Point of Sale tab or click on the POS icon to start a new order.

In Order Details a new order number will generate and the order will default to the current day and your order type. You will need to change your Warehouse or Order Location (if applicable) and make sure you have the correct Employee ID.


The next section is your customer information. Here you have 2 options, Retail Customer and New Customer.

Your Retail Customer is designated to a customer already in your system (in which you will use the Search Bar to bring up their account), it also applies to a simple walk-in transaction. A New Customer is a new customer and you want to Add and Save them in your system. You will find these options in the drop down menu under Bill to Customer ID.

Click “Retail Customer” for a quick POS checkout, or search for your customer in the search bar.



Click “New Customer” from the drop down menu to enter in a new customer that you want to SAVE in your system. If you enter customer information and do not have “New Customer” selected it will not save their information for future orders.


Enter your customer’s name, address and phone number and any other relevant information such as customer comments.

The Order Detail section is where you enter your fresh or hardgoods product information. There are 2 ways to add products. You can use the search bar to search for the product you need; once selected you can then add more of a description and adjust the price, then click SAVE.


If you already know the product code, type in the ID and and Click “Add New +” to Save.


After selecting your product proceed to the Ship To section.

* If your order is not for delivery, change your Delivery Method to ‘Pick Up’ or ‘Taken’ and move on to Payment.



For delivery, fill out the Ship To section. Here you can mark the address as same for billing, select Point of Interest, or enter your address in manually.

Be sure to change your delivery method to ‘Local Truck’ (POS defaults to ‘Taken’ on this form) and select your delivery date and delivery time. Your Card message and occasion will also be located in the Ship To section.

*In order to use Google Maps Delivery Routing,  you must Verify your addresses after you enter your recipient address information.



If your order is being Wired Out, make sure Wire Out is selected for your delivery method and enter your Wire Out information in the next section. (The system will automatically select wire out if it does not recognize your ship to zip code as a local zip code).



Once you’ve got all of your order information, go to Payment Information and select your payment type. This is where you will enter the cash collected or your credit card number. (The POS automatically defaults to “cash” as a payment method unless you change it).



 *You are not done until you click ‘Book Order’



After you click “Book Order” a new screen will open and show you the order summary, and if you’ve taken cash, you enter the amount and see your change here.


Your order is now completed and Booked. At the bottom of the screen you can start a new order or print, email, and/or text receipts. (You have the option to go paperless and manually print a receipt if needed).