POS- End Of Day

Checkout for the Day and End of Day Report


Note: If there are any open shifts then you will see a detailed list of all open shifts. You will have to CLOSE them first BEFORE you can run the day end report. Open shifts MUST be closed on the SAME terminal they were opened on.

After you’ve closed your shifts, you can now checkout for the day and run your End of Day Report.

To checkout, first go ‘Shifts’ on your menu and then click ‘Checkout For The Day.’ It will invoice all taken and paid orders.


End of Day Report Printing

Once you have checked out for the day, go to ‘Reports’ in the menu on the left hand side of your screen.

Click ‘EOD ALL POS (Z Report)’, enter the date and print.

ROA Payments in POS (Receipts)

You must have security privileges active to receive payments on account (ROA). Ask your system administrator to provide these privileges.

Invoicing POS Orders

All orders that are “paid” and “taken” are invoiced automatically when the end of day process is run. All other orders for local delivery will need to be invoiced in the Order Entry Module.

Report Details

Transactions on Reports


Closing Balance Calculation Logic