Please note, it is the customer's responsibility to verify any hardware they have on hand is compatible with QuickFlora. Please verify this BEFORE you go live to avoid any surprises.  We can NOT be held responsible if non-approved hardware that does not work properly. 

The hardware requirements are very simple for running web based POS. We don’t mandate that you buy any hardware from us, in fact, we don’t even sell hardware. But you should have PC’s that are at less than two years old and with at least 4GB of ram (8GB+ is better). Windows 10 will work. If in doubt, email us and we will confirm for you. Generally the newer and faster your PC, the less issues you will have overall. You should have an antivirus program on all your PC’s (this is a PCI Compliant requirement and you can be fined heavily if there is a credit card breach at your location).

With regard to POS hardware (such as receipt printers, swipe readers, cash drawers, etc) we are currently compatible with http://www.brother-usa.com/printer and http://www.starmicronics.com hardware which we have found to be reasonably priced and very reliable. Not only that, the folks at POS-X provide excellent support when needed. You can try using other non-supported hardware (such EPSON) but we don’t guarantee compatibility as we do with POS-X and STAR. You can purchase POS-X and STAR hardware from any online vendor you wish, or some of the vendors suggested below.

Order Entry Terminals (for all phone orders)

Suggested Budget:
PC running Windows 10 with 4GB RAM -- $500
AntiVirus Program -- $25/user/year
Total Average Cost -- $525
(We do also support MAC’s for Order Entry)

POS Terminals (only needed if you have in person (walk in) transactions)

Suggested Budget:

PC running Windows 10 with 4GB RAM -- $500
STAR TSP 100-Thermal Receipt Printer -- $230
POS-X Swipe Reader -- $58.00
Cash Drawer with RJ Jack -- $100
Total Average Hardware Cost -- $890
Note: All in One Touch screens are GREAT if they are in your budget! About $600-$800 each these days and dropping in price every month. .

Local Networking

We do NOT provide local networking support. This is best handled by your local IT vendor.  Feel free to contact us with questions. Local internet speed should be above 5MBs and ideally above 10Mbs if possible.


Laser Printers

For general printing (orders, statements, trip sheets, reports). Any black and white laser printer with networking and having Windows 10 drivers available, will do. If you are just running one terminal you can get away with non-networked printers in some cases hooked directly to the PC itself. We DO NOT suggest in jet printers for a number of reasons.

Recommended: HP LaserJet P2055dn Printer Monochrome (available from many places online for about $250-$300)

Several other HP models may work. Email us your model number to be sure.  Try and stay away from color lasers or ink jets if you can, but they may work as a ‘backup” when your main printer is down.

POS Receipt Printers

QuickFlora currently fully supports:

STAR TSP-100 ECO USB receipt printers.

Please note, QuickFlora POS terminals cannot “share” receipt printers. Each register must have its own receipt printer and cash drawer.

POS Cash Drawer

Any cash drawer with a cable that has a cable that plugs into the back of the receipt printer will work. Keep in mind it is the (STAR) receipt printer that opens and closes the drawer.  If there is no receipt printer, you have to open and close it manually. There are different sizes and this is just one example.


You will need the STAR interface cable (if you buy the STAR receipt printer also).

Online Sources for POS-X Hardware:

These change from time to time, but you can try the following sources:



For weekly PC’s deals, you can try: www.dealnews.com


Try and find a PC from a major manufacturer with a 2-3 year warranty. Stay away from ultra-low cost budget PC’s under $300 such as with “Atom” processors. Costco and Sam's Club provide 2 years warranty at no extra cost.

PC Requirements/Specifications

Windows 10
At least 4GB of RAM memory (the more the better)
(We do not guarantee 100% compatibility with non-Windows 10 computers.)

MAC OSX 10.0 or higher (4GB or more)
MAC users must use Firefox browser, not Safari