Delivery Manager

The QuickFlora Delivery Manager module allows you to manage a high volume of local deliveries for dispatching, printing trip sheets, confirming delivery orders and offers the ability to download trip sheets to compatible tablets and smartphones.

You can also use any web enabled mobile device (IOS or Android) to confirm deliveries in real time from the field and trigger delivery confirmation emails from the system in real time.

Some retailers are choosing to go going completely paperless with drivers by using various smartphones and tablets. The benefits of going paperless means that a driver no longer has to print paper trip sheets (this takes time and uses consumables) and has all the maps he needs in his portable wireless device.

Major Functions of Delivery Manager

Trip Sheet Printing and Routing

You can print and manually sort any number of orders on one trip sheet. You can add or delete stops on each trip as needed. You can put stops in a specific stop order if you wish. Each stop can have a time priority and destination type noted.

Address Verification

We use Google Maps to verify each address (local or wire out) before it is shipped. This is currently a free service provided by Google. It is usually 99% accurate.  All free functions of Google Maps are available to you if you choose to use this. You MUST use address verification in order to use automated zone routing (through Routific).

Automatic Email Delivery Confirmations

The system will send an automatic email notice to the buyer email on file once the driver confirms the delivery from a device in the field.  The driver can also store a signature and/or image with each delivery. This is a great time saver so customers don’t keep calling you asking you if it’s “on the truck” or “has been delivered”.

Zone Mapping Capability (by zip/postal codes OR optional custom maps for a fee)

There are two options for zone mapping. One is free and one is an additional one time fee.

Zone mapping by zip/postal codes in included free of charge. Just decide what you would like to call each zone and which zip/postal code is included in each zone. There is no charge for this option.  The support staff will help you set up these zones.

Zone mapping by custom defined map boundary is an optional one time $500 set up fee. You would need to send us a clear digital map of your delivery area with the name of each zone and fee for each zone. Our mapping expert will process this map for you and load it on the system within four weeks normally or less.

E Signature Capture
(for smartphones and tablets)

Any driver using a smartphone or tablet with a touch screen can have a customer sign on their device electronically. This signature (proof of delivery) can then be viewed by the order center online.

Image Capture for Each Delivery

A driver may choose to save one image with each delivery as proof of delivery (POD).  This is NOT sent to the buyer and only for internal purposes.

Routific Route Optimization
(Optional for a fee per truck)

We offer Routific automated route optimization for a extra fee (currently $1/truck per day). This is a third party application that is NOT included with QuickFlora.  Many large shops feel this tool saves them 20% of the drivers time in terms of automated routing. It costs the average florist $3,000-$5,000 a month to put one truck on the road, so 10-20% is a big savings on labor, fuel and efficiency.  Call us for more details or sign up directly with Routific and just let us know so we can activate it for you.

For more information, please visit

Google Maps Integration

We integrate with Google Maps and this is included with your subscription.

Multi Location Automatic Order Distribution

For large multi location shops, we can define which orders are allocated to which store based on the zone or zip codes. We can do the same with ecommerce orders. Call us for more details or to have this configured.

Points of Interest

You can store a unlimited number for hospitals, hotels, funeral homes, schools, etc, in your system to quickly pre fill them on any order. You must provide us a list (in excel) for us to load this into your system. Once it is loaded, you can edit it at any time.

Paperless Trip Sheets and Routing

Many shops are choosing NOT to print any more paper. This greatly saves time everyday if you have a compatible tablet. Smartphones can be used but are really TOO SMALL to be practical for everyday use.

When you generate a trip sheet, the trip will automatically show up on the driver's tablet. They can then use the tablet for mapping and signature/image capture.

We HIGHLY suggest you use a ARMOUR case with each tablet to prevent damage out in the field and exposure to moisture

Bar Code Integration

For large volume shops, we offer a optional bar code option for all your cards so trips can be created using a barcode scanner. Call us for more information.

Delivery Manager FAQ’s

How do I print/generate a trip sheet?

Before a trip sheet can be printed, drivers and vehicles MUST be setup in the system. Once they have been setup, go to “Delivery Manager” to generate a trip sheet.

Can I use Uber/Lyft for local delivery?

Yes, just set them up as a “driver’ and print them a trip sheet just like any other driver. Keep in mind each service has special rules and you should ALWAYS call the recipient BEFORE sending something out using these type of services.

Can the system print pool tickets?

Not currently. This is a future feature available on request.

How do I confirm an order once it has been delivered?

A user can either pull up the delivery confirmation page in the store (when the driver has returned from his trip) or the driver can use his PDA right after he delivers the order.

Can my drivers use a smartphone or tablet to confirm orders in real time?

Yes, as long as they have web access and can pull up the delivery confirmation page on their device as a HTML web page. Even delivery contractors and couriers can be given the link to the delivery confirmation page in order to confirm orders - especially if they are not returning back to the store after the delivery is made.

What devices are compatible with QuickFlora for delivery confirmation?

Compatible devices include IOS and Android devices. A windows device may work also. Before purchasing any device, make sure you can pull up the QuickFlora Delivery Confirmation page in the retail store before purchasing the device. Some devices claim “HTML Browser”, but we have found this is not always the case. Each device MUST have a wireless data plan of its own.

Can my delivery drivers use text messages to confirm orders?

Not currently, but they can always text you directly so that you can confirm the orders on the system.

Are website orders automatically routed to zones?

IF you have zones defined, the system will try and put the order into a specific zone or location based on the delivery address.  This is not always 100% as the customer is not verifying the delivery address like a salesperson normally would, but it works about 90% of the time.

Do I need to “pick” or “ship” orders before they go onto a trip?

No, once you put orders on a trip sheet, the system will really mark it as “picked” and “shipped”.

Can I set up alerts to notify me if a order does not go out?

Yes, you can configure custom alerts (in the Optional Alert Module)  to email or text you if an order has not shipped by closing time for that day. This helps prevent missed orders and a great safety.

Can I add non-order stops?

Not at the current time, but we are considering that as a future function. Every stop must be a order that exists in the system.