QuickFlora POS Florist Software is the most advanced flower shop management system in the floral industry. It has a wide range of features, options and modules that can be configured to a flower shop of any size with any number of locations.  

We currently support flower companies in both the United States and Canada in all time zones.

In an effort to maintain the most up to date version of this manual, we do not publish a printed copy, only a online digital copy. You are free to print any sections or pages you wish for local use.

New POS users should complete the QuickFlora Setup Wizard to help expedite your set up process. Visit to begin the process after accounting has confirmed your subscription or license payment.

Document Definitions and Terms

All systems have different names for the same document so it’s helpful to familiarize yourself with all the QuickFlora terms to avoid confusion

Work Tickets (used internally for production staff or order fulfillment)

Enclosure Gift Card (for delivery and also tagging of pick-up orders)

Delivery Ticket (for drivers, pick-up orders or couriers)

Delivery Trip Sheet (for drivers, couriers or contractors)

Invoice (only available after an order has been invoiced)

Statement (only available after all orders have been invoiced and payments posted)

POS Receipt (must be running POS module and have a compatible receipt printer)

Estimate (for weddings and special events)

Reports (over 200+ standard reports under “Report Manager” and “Custom Reports”)

Ship List (all items for a specific destination or event)

Pack List (all items for a specific destination or event)

Recipe List (if you have created one for a item, also called “assembly list” in many systems)



What are the current order statuses in the system?


Un-booked (incomplete order or order in process)

Booked (properly completed order with a defined payment)

Picked (ready for production, packaging or ready to ship)

Shipped (put on a trip sheet by a driver or courier company)

Delivered (confirmed by a driver or courier company using a smartphone or tablet)

Invoiced (posted to the accounting system and A/R, GL)

Cancelled (cancelled or voided order)

Hold (on hold for a reason)

Returned (returned for a reason)




The system automatically updates the status of orders as they flow through the system. See sample screenshot below.