Can I use a touch screen monitor with QuickFlora?

Yes. Please call us more information on the specific touch screens we support or all-in-one PC’s that are available.

Can a salesperson open a house account on the fly in order entry?

No. A customer must be created in the customer section and assigned a credit limit before they can charge an order. The customer credit limit can be found under the “info” tab under the specific customer. This prevents unauthorized staff from taking orders for customers who have not had a credit limit approved by management.

How to I release locks?

On the top menu, click on:

File > Release Locks

Then log out and log back in.

Why are the records locked sometimes?

QuickFlora uses “record locking” to prevent two people from accessing the same order or customer and/or overwriting the others’ data. If releasing the locks does not unlock your record, you may need to log out and log back in. In some cases, if the order is on another user’s screen, the locks may not be released until that person completes updating the order.

What if I can’t release the locks?

If your shop is having many “record locking” issues ¬– such as being unable to setup new accounts or edit credit limits on existing accounts – the following may be causing it:

Record locking works as intended to prevent two users from overwriting the same record or account or order.

The issue lies with some users not properly exiting out of certain pages in certain modules. For example:

If you try to “edit customers” or add a “new customer” and do not press the OK or Cancel button at the bottom of the page, the record will “lock” that feature page. It will not be available to any other users. All other users will see a “record locked” message at the top of the screen if they try and enter the same page/module.

If you do not properly exit out of certain pages, you will then have to:

  1. Close all of your open windows
  2. Log-out
  3. Release all locks
  4. Log back in

How do I log off?

On the top menu, click on:

File > Log Off

You can also click on the “x” icon in the top right of your browser window, but that is not a good long-term habit as some users may close a window with “data” by accident.

Are order numbers sequential?

No. The system may discard order numbers that have not been used. Breaks in order number sequences are normal in large scale ERP systems.

What is the “Print Auditor” function used for?

This page allows retailers to manually verify each work ticket and gift card has printed so that no orders are missed for delivery. This feature is also used by retailers that DO NOT print orders right after they are booked, but instead after the fact. (This is an option in the “Company Settings” section.)

Very large, multi-location retailers can also use it in order to verify every order has printed during the initial start-up phase of migrating from an older system.

Some shops also use this feature when running parallel operations with another POS system during the transition process.

It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that new POS users use this function for at least the first week or two of live operations. Failure to do so may result in missing orders that have been entered but not printed for any reason.

What is the purpose of the “Dashboard” screen?

This screen was designed for managers and owners to get a quick snap shot overview of daily shop operations and be able to pinpoint any problems, alerts or missed orders at a glance.

Why should I use real time delivery confirmation?

From a marketing perspective, customers LOVE receiving order delivery confirmation in real-time. This is the one thing order gatherers CANNOT do and where you have the local advantage.

In addition, your customer calls will decrease. Fewer customers will call to find out “where” their order is and if it has been delivered yet.

And, because it allows you to trouble shoot orders the minute a problem arises (even before your driver comes back to the flower shop). In cases where the patient was “discharged” from the hospital or the person “checked out” of the hotel or “went home early from work”, you have a much much better chance of rerouting that delivery when you have time to troubleshoot it before it ever comes back to the store. In many of these cases, time is of the essence. This feature allows you to reroute the same order, the same day (if possible), before it even comes back to the store.

How do I track all my vehicles in real time using GPS?

There are now several low-cost ways of keeping track of all your vehicles in real-time online. Something as simple as PDA with web access running “Google Latitude” (free online program) will allow you to see the location of all your vehicles in the field.

You can also sign up with Accutracking for a fee of $12 per vehicles per month for a more sophisticated online program that allows you to track the location of drivers and all the related stops on each route. http://www.accutracking.com

When you begin tracking your vehicles with GPS, you will never again need to ask the question, “Where is George?” If you don’t know exactly where your vehicles are in real time, you are just guessing - or even worse wasting time calling him on his cell phone (dangerous and expensive).

What Navigation devices are compatible with QuickFlora?

Any major device that has HTML web access is an option. (The bigger the screen, the better.) You can even order “amour cases” for each device to protect them from the elements and abuse. http://www.otterbox.com

There is no need to purchase the current ‘flashy’ PDA model, because last year’s model will do just fine and will cost you less. You can find older models on www.ebay.com for as little as $100 each - just make sure they are unlocked and compatible with your current carrier.

How do I update my credit card on file for monthly charges?

Email accounting@QuickFlora.com or call our office and ask for Linda at Extension 802.

When do you bill for charges?

We bill on the 1st of each month and issue invoices/statements by email at the same time.

How do I setup a system wide message?

System Setup > Company Setup > Company Wide Messages

These messages are used internally for staff to be made aware of any information that needs to be seen at the order entry level such as “Roses on special today at $29.99 dozen”. You can sent a start time and end time for specific messages.

How do I setup GL reports to print sales by product?

Under each “Item” detail and under the “Price and Cost” link, there are GL Sales codes that you can setup for every item in the system. Just setup a GL code that relates to how you wish to have that broken down. Then you can pull the GL reports under the report manager accordingly. You should set these up so that the sales breakdown flows into specific GL buckets at the end of the month.

Should I use/activate the inventory features on my products?

Most flower shops choose not to use inventory (stock items) for flower orders. If you choose to use the “stock” item feature instead of “non-stock” items, orders for items that are “out of stock” will be put on hold by the system. You will then have to allocate stock to release that order from hold.