QuickFlora Credit Card Processing FAQ’s

QuickFlora Supports Approved Integrated Credit Card Processors:

In the US:

OpenEdge (formerly PPI)

Brenden Munck | Partner Management Representative
Phone: (855) 524-0251
Fax: (801) 406-5824
Email: partnermanagement@openedgepay.com
Schedule a meeting with me

Open Edge Merchant Services
Phone: 510-795-4939 | Toll Free: 800-774-6462 ext. 4939 |
Fax: 877-392-1877

Cayan (formerly Merchant Wharehouse)

Cameron Medeiros, CPP
Partner Development Specialist
d. (855) 272-8950
o. (800) 941-6557 x247
f. (617) 595-4047

One Federal Street, 2nd Floor
Boston, MA  02110

In Canada:

Supported Gateways: (In US and Canada)


Please note, you will need to open an Authorize.net MOTO account at your own expense. Then, once your account is approved,  you need to send us:

    1.) The API Login In
    2.) The Security Key

Once we have these two pieces of information from you, we can enable live cc processing on your system with Authorize.net within 24 hours.

Note : We are compatible with Authorize.net Gateway (MOTO account)  using POSX swipe readers.

Need to sign up for a new Authorize.net gateway account?

Click here to open a new gateway account.

Why should I use an approved processor to process credit cards with QuickFlora?

There are several really good reasons:

Lower Cost:  You can avoid any “gateway” fees associated with using Authorize.net.

Easier to Use: There is no “extra” layer to deal with when you use an approved  integrated processor.

Not only that, Open Edge and Cayan have great rates and customer service. Just ask them for the “QuickFlora POS” special rate plan - which we have negotiated for our customers.

Other Processors?

We don’t have any objections to integrating other new processors, just keep in mind the process usually takes about 2-3 months programming time, and there is a one time cost of $5,000-$10,000 US depending on the processor.  Please email us at support@quickflora.com for more information on your specific processor.

Smart Cards?

There is lots of confusion, mainly created from equipment vendors..that smart cards or chip readers are “required” by retailers. This is not true. There is no US law that says you have to have these terminals. 99% of flower shops still swipe cards with a $50 swipe reader.

While Visa/MC now hold the merchant liable for any fraudulent “in person” transactions with bad cards, the reality is the fraud incident in the flower business is very low (under 1 in a 1,000 transactions) that most flower retailers do not need this.

Note, this has nothing to do with phone orders. Nothing has changed there. If you take a bad card over the phone, you can still receive a chargeback, and that has nothing to do with a smart card reader in the store.

So our advice is wait a few more years before looking at smart card readers and see if things improve.

What if I already bought smart card reader terminals?

If you wish to keep using them, you can enable what we call “offline processing” in Quickflora software and just enter the “approval code” into your order.  This is an extra step, and we don’t suggest it long term.

We only support Verifone smart card debit pin chip terminals in Canada at the moment, and none in the United States.

What are the QuickFlora credit card rates?

Quickflora does not process credit cards, that is between you and your processor to discuss. We just need to verify you have a compatible processor.

Can you support mobile and tablet transactions?

This depends on your processor AND if they provide a native IOS or Android app.

Does QuickFlora adjust cc orders after each change?

Yes, you don’t need to log into your processor, our software handles all order adjustments in the system when it is integrated processor.

Can I see all cards settled in QuickFlora?

Yes, we provide a page to see all your transactions so you know what is going to your bank each day

Do you store credit cards for customers?

Yes, you can store multiple credit cards (encrypted) with each customer. You will only see the last four digits when you pull up the account

Do you store CVV or security codes?

NO! You are not allowed to store any CVV codes anywhere. These are rules from VISA/MC and you can be fined a HUGE amount if you are caught doing so.

Is your system PCI Compliant?

We follow all PCI best practices, but keep in mind, you, the merchant must be PCI Compliant and have a certificate on file, not your software company. Click here for more information on PCI Compliance.  You can NOT be PCI complaint if you are still running Windows XP or Windows 2003 Server. You will need to update those or stop using them in order to be PCI Compliant.

How are credit cards settled?

All credit card orders are settled by order date (by default) or by delivery date (on special request).

This can be changed under System Settings > Company Settings.

If you settle by order date, all of your approved transactions (those with an authorization code) will be settled at midnight (with most processors). You may also be able to call your processor and change the daily settlement time. The settlement time is not controlled by QuickFlora.

Interchange Rates?

If you are processing more than 100,000 a month in Visa/MC, you may qualify for interchange rates, call us for more information. This may save you thousands of dollars a month.

Approved Credit Card Swipe Readers:

At the current time, we only support POSX-95 USB swipe readers. You can purchase these online from many vendors usually around $50 each.  You will need one for each POS terminal.