Entering Payments in the Admin Module

To enter payment into customer account please login in QuickFlora Admin.

Note - For Electronic payments received (ACH, Wire, etc) you can make them as "Check" and note the details in the notes area (data received or transaction ID).

Post a Cash Receipt to the customer account.

You will find this section under “A/R -> Cash Receipts > Customer Cash Receipts” menu item. Then you will see the following blank screen for posting receipt.


On this screen you will provide the following:


Receipt Type Id

This is the type of receipt. It can be check, cash or Credit Card etc.

Note: If you will go for Credit Card then  you will have option to swipe card/enter card details/Select stored credit cards for the customer.

Customer ID

This is the id of the customer against whom you are going to post receipt. In our example case that is C-445.

First Name

Customer First Name

Last Name

Customer Last Name

Check Number

If you are going to post payment received in check then please provide the check number in this field.

Transaction Date

This is date on which you want to post the receipt in the account.


Total amount received from the customer


Then click on “Post” button to save the receipt against that customer.

After posting you will find the following screen with the generated receipt Id for the receipt you posted. All fields will not be editable.