Auto Printing Configuration for QuickFlora

(Version: 1.7)

The QuickFlora system has many different configuration options with regard to auto printing orders and cards from different modules.

These print actions can be fired automatically on a action, or type of order, or manually by hitting the print button.

The default system printing options and rules are predefined for all users and can’t be overridden without QuickFlora approval or code changes in many cases.  You may request a custom print sequence or action and submit a email to receive an estimate from support.


Auto printing requires the following steps that must be followed in order to have successful and reliable automatic printing. Failure to follow these steps will result in inconsistent printing and lost orders.

  • The PC must be running Windows 10 operating system. (auto printing is not currently supported on MAC’s (OSX) or IOS (Apple tablets).
  • The PC must have the latest windows 10 printer driver installed.
  • Auto Printing is dependent on 3rd party apps such as “Adobe PDF”. Updating Adobe PDF without approval may stop auto printing.
  • The printer must be connected to PC via USB or a network cable and clearly visible on the network at that location.  (printer should be showing online and test print should be working).


From there:

  • The retailer needs to configure the printer locally and connect with each POS computer by performing a test print from Windows.
  • QuickFlora must gather the printer configuration from retailer.  
  • QuickFlora must gather the POS station information for each computer.
  • QuickFlora configures the printing profile (for each POS station) on the QuickFlora server.
  • QuickFlora will need to configure the local printing app on each POS station.
  • QuickFlora will enable the auto printing feature at administrative level.
  • QuickFlora will run some test orders to verify the auto printing on each POS station.
  • QuickFlora verifies the printing test with the retailer to approve the configuration.
  • Once retailer confirms the printing is OK, we close the case from our end.


Please note, the following cases historically have resulted in print configurations changing after they have been configured and approved. Try to avoid these if possible.

  • Running another wire service application (such as Dove, Mercury or Bloomnet) on the same computer as QuickFlora. This normally leads to conflicts and stops the printing process.
  • Auto updates are set to “on” and update the browser or operating system.
  • Third party applications (such as Microsoft Windows or Office) which change the default printer settings for the POS.
  • Running the PC as “admin” which allows other users to install any programs or make changes at any time.
  • Auto Printing is dependent on 3rd party apps such as “Adobe PDF”. Updating Adobe PDF without approval may stop auto printing.
  • If your local printer goes “offline” for any reason, it will not be able to communicate with the QuickFlora auto printing server and stop functioning. 
  • Some printer models behave unexpectedly and paper does not pull from the correct tray.
  • Auto printing requires a local QuickFlora printing app to run in administrator mode. If any local dependency cause that app to stop or hang then auto printing may stop. In that case it will require to be restarted manually.


Please click here to download this information in PDF file. You can print this file for future use.