Order Entry

Tips and rules regarding order entry:

When you start an order, make sure that you are finished booking the order. Booking the order records the data in the system and assigns a unique sequential order number. Once an order number is assigned, the data can never be deleted, even if it is cancelled. Do not leave a half finished order on your screen and walk away for an extended period of time as someone else may come along and close your browser screen and you will lose your order data. Your terminal may time out and log you out automatically depending on the timeout settings.

Do not open multiple order windows in your browser (Control-N). Use only one order entry window at a time. It’s far too easy to get confused with multiple order entry windows and confuse data entry on orders.

How do I enter an order in order entry?

Click here for a quick video how to enter an order into OE or POS. 

How do I enter a wire order?

You must choose “Wire In” as the payment type for all wire in orders. Otherwise, the 80/20 splits will not be correct on your GL accounts and sales reports. 

How do I enter a credit card order?

You must select “Credit Card” as the payment method in the order entry form. The system will allow you to enter any credit card types that are marked as active under company setup. 

How do I transmit an order to a wire service?

Contact us for the latest information on wire service interfaces available. We currently offer interfaces for Flower Shop Network, BloomNation. If you require a FTD, Bloomnet or Teleflora interface, you must contact them directly first to request permission to integrate Dove or Mercury.

How do I put an order on hold?

At the top of the order entry screen, change the order type to “HOLD” and book the order. The order will show up on hold status on the “order” tab.

Can an order that has been “Invoiced” be cancelled?

Yes, but you may need “Admin” security privileges to cancel an invoice. You can use the “cancel invoice” order feature to cancel any order. The charges on the house account (or credit card) will be reversed automatically by the system.

A/R > Order Processing > Cancel Invoice

What happens to the customer’s credit card when an order is changed after it is booked?

The adjustment module will void the initial authorization and issue a new one if the order has not been settled (before midnight). If the customer is using a debit card, the customer’s bank may not release the hold on the funds for many minutes or even hours in some cases. The exact hold time is different for every bank and not controlled by QuickFlora.

How do I find a list of orders for a particular future delivery date?

Click on the "Order" tab at the top of the home page screen. 

Enter the specific date range you are looking for. 

Click on radio button to search by order date or delivery date. 

Click the Search button. 

How do I issue a credit card refund for a cancelled order?

First, these rules apply to users using “live” credit card processing with either PPI or PayPal gateway. If you are doing “offline” credit card processing (RE: typing the card number into a separate credit card terminal of some type) the following does not apply to you. 

Second, QuickFlora AUTOMATICALLY adjusts credit card transactions in many cases for many order statuses - settled or not. Most of the time, there is no need to process anything manually and that should be avoided

For a full refund:

If the order is “booked”, “Picked”, ‘Shipped” or “Delivered”, then just “Cancel” the order from the “Orders” tab at the top of the screen. You should see the order status on the right side change from previous status to “Cancelled”. QuickFlora will automatically process a void/refund (based upon original transaction date) transaction. Check your PPI or PayPal statement to verify. You can also check the System Log > Payment Transaction Gateway Log screen to verify. 

For a partial refund:

If the order is “booked”, “Picked”, ‘Shipped” or “Delivered”, click on “adj” icon from the “Orders” tab at the top of the screen. This screen will allow you to process partial adjustments to credit cards automatically. Check on your PPI or PayPal statement to verify. You can also check the System Log > Payment Transaction Gateway Log screen to verify.

For an invoiced order:

If the order is already invoiced, then you can choose to process a manual payment directly in PPI or PayPal gateway, OR you can cancel the order by going to: 

A/R > Order Processing > Cancel Invoice (You must have user “Admin” rights to do this.) 

Based upon your selection for order status during the Invoice cancel process, this will change the order status back to “Booked”/”Shipped”/”Picked” and you can go ahead and cancel/adjust it on the “Orders” page. 

What is an un-booked order status?

Un-booked orders are orders that the system considers incomplete for many reasons. It can also be an order currently in progress on a terminal that has not yet been “booked” by the user. It can also refer to “will call” orders that do not have a payment method defined yet. 

If an operator closes a browser window or the PC crashes / freezes before completing the order, the system will (sometimes) automatically save the data as an un-booked order that can be pulled back up, edited and booked properly. 

Can I send/transmit orders directly to other QuickFlora members? 

No. This feature is not currently available at the present time.