How to send a copy of a order edit/cancel/refund

How to send a copy of an order (for edit/cancel/refund)

To send a copy of an order (that has been edited/canceled/refunded) to customer please go to Order List page on the left hand menu.

Then click on “Email” icon on order list page screen.




On this email copy you can modify Email Subject “Order Cancellation for flower order xxxx” or something similar.


Then go to Email body section and there you can modify Total to zero or any other changes you would like.


You have the ability to add new row and add a refund/cancellation statement if you'd like. Right click on table row and then insert a new row.

There you can add new row and add a refund statement if you’d like.

Once all changes are done on email body you can hit “Send” button to email order cancellation/refund email copy to customer.