How to Enter a Pickup Order at POS

How to Enter a Pickup Order at POS


Please login into the POS screen.  In the left hand menu go to the Phone Order or Point of Sale menu.

For Phone Order:

Enter Phone Order >> Phone Order


For POS order:

Enter Sales >> Point of Sale


Enter all order details and select “Delivery Method” as “Pick Up”.


Then go to the payment information section and choose the payment method with which the customer is going to pay. If the customer called you over the phone and wishes to pay later, please choose the “Not Paid” payment method and book the order.


When you book an order as  “Not Paid” then the system marks that order as “Not Booked” as the order is not paid yet.


When the customer visits the store in person to pay for the order, please go to the order list page and edit that order.

Enter the actual payment method and enter all other payment information.


Then go to the “Ship To” section and update the Delivery Method to “Taken”.


When all details are updated, please click on the “Book Order” button and the system will book that order with an updated payment method.