How to use QuickRoute Delivery Function

How to use the QuickRoute delivery routing function in Delivery Manager


Function Description:

This function allows the florist to:

  1. See all local stops on one map.
  2. See (Google Maps) routing sequence for shortest route by address based on live traffic.
  3. Generate a trip sheet for the driver.


The purpose of this function is to optimize the local delivery stops in the most efficient manner based on the shortest route.

Reminder: All addresses must be verified in order entry to use this function.

This is a free function for up to 1,000 stops per week. Over 1,000 may incur charges.


How to use the QuickRoute function | Route deliveries and print or download trip sheets


1) From your POS dashboard go to Tools, then click Delivery Manager.

  • This will show your current day local deliveries, or select the delivery date in which you need.
  • This box also lets you select deliveries with other search criteria such as priority time or zone.




*Don’t forget to check that your orders are verified. Addresses must be verified for this function to work.



2) Select your Driver ID and Truck, then select all, or only the orders you need.

  • Once you’ve selected your orders click the QuickRoute button.



3) Click the QuickRoute button to view your route map and see your order sequence.

  • From here you will see a map of your route and the order list- you can adjust your stops if needed by changing the Sort #”.



4) When you are ready click the “Generate Trip” button.

  • Hit “OK” to generate



  • Your trip sheet will appear in a new window to print or download