How to duplicate an order in POS

How to duplicate an order in POS


On your POS dashboard go to Orders and then to Orders List.


This will bring you to your current days orders. Find the order you wish to duplicate and click on the icon in the column labeled “DUP”. In the given example, order which we want to duplicate is 28334.


Once you click on the icon an “Order Duplication” screen will appear for review. Then, click the “Duplicate Order” button at the bottom to duplicate the order.


Once you click Duplicate Order, it will open a box with the duplicate order number. You can now click on Click here to open Order Control Page to go back to your original order list page, or click Click here to edit New Order #xxxx to edit your new duplicate order and change delivery date, card message etc.


After you have edited your duplicated order click the Book Order button to complete.

Your Order List page will now show your duplicated order and you can continue the process if needed.