How to confirm a delivery

Delivery Confirmation From Your POS


Under “Tools” click “Delivery Confirmation.” This directs you to your delivery confirmation link provided by us. Keep in mind your delivery drivers will be able to complete their delivery confirmations out in the field by using this same link.



Field Descriptions:

  • Delivery Date: This is the order delivery date (default is current date).
  • Driver: Driver who delivered the order.
  • Order Number: Choose which order you delivered from the list.
  • Delivery Status: Status of whether the order was delivered, left with someone, or returned.
  • Delivery Notes: Any other relevant information to the delivery.
  • Update Date & Time: current date and time of the status of delivery.
  • Signature: You can capture the signature of the recipient or whoever received the delivery.
  • Update Button: Click the “Update” tab to update this delivery or to confirm it.


*Once you capture a signature and “Update,” you will be prompted to upload a photo of the arrangement.




Click on Browse to choose a picture and then click Save Image.  Click Continue to confirm more deliveries.



You can check the status of an order from the “Order List” page. The Order Status column will show the current delivery status. The last column will show you a signature for proof of delivery if needed.